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So, after reading thread after thread I decided to join. I currently am a student at GBCC for my medical coding cert. and in taking these classes realized I loved the medical field. Everyone has always told me I would be a good nurse and always said no, but now I am thinking about it. I would like to apply to the nursing program there but like I said I don't know if its for me. I have a passion for kids but would love to explore other options as well. In thinking that I would like to do nursing and do well at it, I have started to take some of the pre-reqs for the program. My hope is to get in for the '10 program. So my plan is to take A+P 1 this summer, take chem and finish my med coding stuff in the fall, take a+p 2, microbio, alg and intro to psych in the spring of '10 but I don't know if that will work. As from reading all the posts, they say to take both a+p's before the nursing exam so you have the points on the exam which I will probably take twice once this summer and then again in the winter. I also read that the program is really hard to get into, and since I am not a good test taker I just don't know if I can do this. So, all in all. I guess I just need some advice, pushes in the right direction or any direction or maybe someone who has gone through this process and has a job that can answer a few questions.

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I took the NLN twice myself, and did better the second time around. The good thing is, they take the highest scores and combine them. So if you do awesome in English and Math, and not so hot in science, and decide to retake, and do awesome in science the second time, they take all the high scores. That 20 points for the A&P is a HUGE helper for GBCC.

If you do well on the NLN, but havent finished your A&P, you can still get in, albeit waitlisted perhaps, but waitlisted still gets you in. You don't need chem for this program, just high school chem with a grade of c or better. So if you're looking to take college chem, no need. Just take a deep breath, relax, and go talk to one of the advisors, one of the pre nursing advisors would be best for you, and get yourself started. You're definatley not the only person that has ever been in this situation. Students trying to get into the nursing program usually are the most overwhemed with everything that has to be done, b/c it is so competitive. But you will be fine, we have all sat in your seat at one time

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