Need advice for good LVN or RN school in Anaheim, Ca


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I am new in this forum and I thinking that I want to start my nursing career. Could you please advice good private school or community college for LVN or RN school ? I live in Orange County near Anaheim. I am looking for part-time study since I need to work full time to support myself. I am interested in both LVN and RN. Please give me some ideas where is a good school to attend. Thank you very much.


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Cypress College has an RN Program and its not far from Anaheim. Go to their next seminar, They have several a semester. The next one is December 13, 2007 at one pm. Go there for details.

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there are two different nursing boards for rn and lvn nursing in california. i'm posting the links for the lists of nursing schools in california for both of them for you.

get a map so you can find the cities these schools are in if you don't know where they are. these are the california community colleges that are in orange county (at least the ones i recognize as being in orange county) and have rn programs. if you go to the california board of nursing list link i've given you above, you can link right into the department of nursing page for each of these colleges:

cerritos college (actually in la county, but very close to orange)

cypress college

el camino college

golden west college

long beach city college

saddleback college

santa ana college

there are several bsn programs in nursing in the orange country area as well: cal. state fullerton and cal. state long beach. once you are a resident of california for one calendar year your tuition costs for the community colleges, california state colleges and university of california colleges goes way down to very cheap. the current tuition at the california community colleges is only $20 a credit hour. i have been a student of the him (health information program) at cypress college which is in the same building as the rn program and can tell you that people are clamoring to get into the classes for the pre-requisites (anatomy, survey of disease) and they are done by seniority and the number of credit hours you have already earned. it's very hard to get into them. one semester they did a lottery to get students into the survey of disease class. cypress college has an initiative to boost the writing skills of its students so you will either encounter classes where short term papers or essay tests are being given. cypress college is also converting many classes to online classes as possible. i do not particularly like the instructor who teaches survey of disease (pathophysiology). this instructor just reads from an old notebook based upon notes taken from a textbook used years ago that has since been changed. the instructor never varies the lecture, gives the same tests every week and gives them year after year. these tests are based on the notes in their notebook, so if something got missed during lecture (which is easy to do if you side-track this instructor with a question) you are sool and this person won't waver on giving back points on tests. all tests are numbered, collected and accounted for after the tests. there is also a paper required for the class with strict guidelines about its presentation on paper and the references it must have. the class could totally be put on computer if it hasn't already since i know for a fact that this instructor has been wanting to retire.

all the california colleges have websites where you can look at their college catalogs, class schedules and get whatever information their nursing departments have online. look at some of the other schools that are close to orange county as well. i do know that college of the desert which is in palm desert, california (riverside country) does have part time programs for rn school, but it would be a fair drive to get there from orange county depending on where you are in orange county. however, i would drive the 50 or 60 miles if it only meant going one or two days a week. everyone drives out here! college of the desert is my alma mater and at the time i went was an excellent nursing school. there were many students who came to the school from the los angeles area because there was a short waiting list there since college of the desert is in the middle of the mojave desert where no one really wants to live full time unless you are a desert rat at heart and don't mind the occasional sand storm and temps up to 130 degrees in september.


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Try North Orange County ROP. They have a vocational nursing program. One of my Anatomy classmates went to school there a few years ago and loved it. She's now taking prereqs for her AA.


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Which school has the program that would support the students and let students graduated with at least 3.0 GPA? I heard it from ppl that Cerritos College graduates' average GPA don't even get to near 3.0, is that true?

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