Need advice on finding that first job...


Hey a nutshell. I just need some fresh ideas on how to go about applying for RN positions!

I graduated in July but took my boards and passed in the first try in mid-Oct. I had a rough summer and felt it best to wait until things calmed down before attempting the boards. I applied constantly after graduation but before the boards only to find out they wont even contact you due to not passing the boards yet. NE way. Ive worked full time as a PCT + Phlebotomist in a huge urban hospital and on a very famous, world renowned unit. I know our director generally doesnt hire out of school due to the nature of the floor...BUT all the other PCT's I knew who had grad before me managed to get jobs in sister units/floors...most got jobs within a few months of taking their boards. Ive also been in contact with my classmates and those who passed their boards all got jobs withina few months. I live by 3 major hospital systems...

the first one which is smaller and about 40min from me...I keep applying constantly...and they keep posting that I have been passed over for the position for whateve reason.

The other 2 hospital systems are very very extensive and huge and its renowned how long they take to even look at applications let alone forward them to managers!

Ive tried talking to my unit director, the night AOD...anyone I can about what to do...I also had 2 RN's I work with help me with my resume and cover letter.

Ive contact directors of whole sections of the hospital and I just get a generic reply...which I can expect...because they, im just a small fish in the sea.

Its now been 4 weeks that im applying...and applying and nothing and im starting to get annoyed.

Everyone told me I would easily find a job given my PCT experience and time in the hiospital and the hospital system I work for does give pref. treatment to I dont know why its taking so long.

Some thoughs ive considered are this:

Should I print off a resume and a personalized cover letter and on breaks hoof it around the hospital (or atleast the part closest to me!) and start giving them to unit directors... or would that come off as rather odd?

I know on a lunch break recently I heard some RN's mocking this Nursing Student who worked on the floor across from mine who would run over on breaks to talk to our unit director although she wasnt interested in her.

Ive tried talking to everyone...and not sure who I should contact next? Ive also been emailing the recreuitment person who first contacted me back in July after grad (they did this for all of our us to inquire what fields we were interested in...)and shes said just be patient, if something is available that Im a fit for, i'll be contact.

I feel like on onehand this is an ok-ish time to be going through this as almost noone is graduating right now...but I would rather not go through winter still a PCT!

Lastly...I thought I had a wonderful coverletter and resume...but am unsure...but I dont know who to talk to about that. I wrote up a nice cover letter which I modify a little each time I apply for a job...though my resume stays the same.

I am applying for everything and anything...I just want a job and will worry about a specialization once ive been working as an RN for a year or two!

Pls any advice...