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Need advice for Excelsior for LPN

by kjecow kjecow (New) New

I just graduated LPN school this month and am looking to go for my RN when I pass my boards in Janaury. Can someone give me some information for Excelsior? Like is it all on line (what about clinicals), how expensive is it, how long does it take to finish and also do they offer LPN to RN or LPN to BSN?

Thank you.


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Your questions have been answered here many, many times. I suggest you browse the forums a bit, and also check out the information on EC's website. Their ADN program page is here: Excelsior College | Program Details Also, I highly recommend you download the School of Nursing catalog and read the entire section on the ADN program -- it tells you everything you need to know. The catalog is linked from that page.

Also, be aware that EC is not accepted for initial licensure or licensure at all in some states. Info is here: State Board Requirements - excelsior.edu

Good luck on your LPN boards!


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most definitely check out if EC is accepted by your State BON before anything else!

Congrats on your LPN! Good luck however you choose.

Online nursing classes are not for everyone. I feel you may not be right for it either. Your questions have been asked multiple times on this forum. Excelsior web page also has lots and lots of info.