Need Advice about Degree


So I am a career changer and I currently work in Accounting. I have always wanted to be a nurse but I ended up an accounting major instead (whole different story there). Anyway, I have 2 children and a husband and so I decided to start at a local private school because they had an evening LPN program (21 months)so I could continue to work, and no waiting list, pre-reqs, ect. I would have considered a Fast Track Second Degree BSN program but those require a Bachelor's degree in an un-related field, and I only have an Associates. SO, with all that being said I plan to finish the LPN program then either do an LPN-RN bridge at my local school, or I have also been looking into the online LPN-BSN courses. That decision will come at a later date.

My question is this. I currently work for a GREAT hospital already. I live in Louisville, KY and work for Norton Hospital in the accounting/finance department. The hospitals in our area does not hire LPN's except the VA Hospital and I think Jewish Hospital may as well.I really really don't want to work in a LTC Facility. Not that I am above it or anything like that, I just think that the job would be very monotonous and boring (much like accounting!) I am wondering if I should complete the LPN course (I start at the end of this month btw) but not work as an LPN, keep working at my accounting job, then just continue right into the LPN-RN bridge program, then get my RN license (1 yr program) and get a job as an RN at my hospital? Does that sound realistic? Can you do that? Or should I get the LPN experience? Any thoughts or experience with this would be great!! Thank you!

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