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Need advice on compression socks!


Alright guys...I've tried wearing these darn socks but they make my legs sweat like crazy!!! Are they really worth it as far as keeping spider veins away and keeping leg/foot soreness to a minimum? I need to know whether I should stick it out or just ditch them. I would bet that I am on my feet AT LEAST 10 of the 12 hours I'm at work. I do wear some pretty good shoes though with good support.

If you are talking about support type socks, knee highs, then yes, I think they help. I get mine at RiteAid, in the sock section. Can't remember the brand, but they may say something on the label about support. They are ribbed and thin, not like pantyhose, but not thick cotton either. They don't make me sweat at all...and I am a sweater, for sure! They are also pretty cheap - so I am thinking about investing in a few higher priced pairs, to see if they work better.

As for comfort, not sure why they work, but they do. I just feel a little more physically energized when I have them on. I work 3-11, and when I say I do not actually sit down EVER I mean it. I am on my feet the whole time. Maybe around 11, when my shift is over, I'll sit and do the last bit of charting - but the rest of the night? I am up and running. (hate it, actually, but that is a whole other discussion)

Not sure what brand socks you are using, but try the ones sold at Rite Aid, they are less than $5, if you have they in your area.

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