Need advice. Choosing between New Grad Program vs infusion Center

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Hi everyone. I just got offered 2 positions. One is a temp position as an RN Extender where we help experience RNA with the covid surge and then eventually transition into the new grad program. The second job is at an Infusion Center for Pediatric. 

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Congrats! Those sound very exciting. Are you asking which you should choose? If so, do you have any other experience besides nursing school?

Personally if it were me, regardless of pay, I would choose the RN extender position. As a new grad, a new grad program can be SO beneficial to you to really help you get the flow of this new career and lifestyle. The pediatric infusion center, IMO, sounds like you may need more experience to reach your full potential there. That being said, I don't know your background/skills/etc. ?

Good luck with whichever you choose!



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Hi LeChien,

Thank you for your reply! I’ve been a nurse for over 13 years. I’ve worked as an lvn in the subacute, primary care, and peds. I’ve been working as an RN in an outpatient clinic for less than a year. My goal is to stay in Peds.