Need your advice...ADN in St. Louis job market?

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Hi! I know there have been a dozen boards/questions on this already but I want advice for my particular situation which I'm sure someone will be kind enough to give to me in regards to getting an Associate's. I've been interested in midwifery for a while but have been put off for a long time by the process here as the long training wasn't an option. I finally decided just to pursue nursing and hopefully land a job in L&D so I can be employed more quickly while working in my area of choice.

Problem description :)

I am very low income and unemployed since I graduated high school two years ago; living in a rural area with very little room for employment or training chances means I am planning to relocate to St. Louis.

I have always had trouble with math. When I took my General Equivalency Diploma I passed in math but just barely, with a few points over the passing grade. All of my other grades were quite high (I feel weird saying this, but this is only to illustrate that I'm not a failing student in general) so the fact that my math score is so low is pretty depressing and puts me out of the running for most of the other nursing colleges I looked at.

So my choice was community college, which I applied to and was admitted for the Fall Student grants and help from a family friend will be my only source of tuition.

Basically, an Associate's is all I can afford and all I can achieve at the moment. My question is- will having an Associate's in St. Louis likely land me a job right out of school? Or is it just a helplessly horrible situation all around with me spending money I don't have and then not being able to make any more? Because I really really can't afford not to be employed after school as my parents won't be supporting me in St. Louis, and while I plan on getting my BSN once I've made money I've heard that hospitals are required now to have a certain amount of Bachelor's trained nurses or something like that? Thank you so much for any help you can give me; I dearly need it. Please ask if you have any questions.

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