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Need A&P 1 tips

dc1994 dc1994 (Member)

I just started a new semester and I'm taking A&P 1, a Literature class, Human Development, and Public Speaking.

I'm having a hard time remembering where all the different types of epithelial tissues are located. My first test is in 2 weeks and it's over tissues, integument, chemistry, and the directional terms and body planes.

I've been studying 2-3 hours every day using Quizlet flash cards I made, my notes, the questions in each chapter, and the interactive online resources that come with my book. This class is just so difficult.

Our homework is online and we get two attempts at each assignment. I did one on histology (it was gigantic) and got an 88, so I guess I am learning something. Lol.

Any tips would be appreciated!

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