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Necessities for Nursing School


Hey everyone! I'm new to this board but everyone seems to be very helpful! I am starting an ADN nursing program in August. I just got my acceptance a couple weeks ago...yay!...but now I'm going nuts trying to figure out what all I need to get for nursing school. Our orientation is the week before classes start and I really don't want to be stressed out trying to get everything here in time! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

It's kinda hard because usually the school gives you a folder or something listing the specific materials that they want you to get since every school differs.

That's what I figured....I sure wish they were giving us more time! Oh well...I'm sure it will all be just fine. Thanks for the reply!

I hate when schools wait till the last minute for that kind of stuff. They will probably send it to you, if not you might have to wait until orientation. Either way though, the common things that I think you'll need are:


Pen light


Lots of pens and highlighters

Nursing shoes (always white)

Little bottle of hand sanitizer for clinicals

Notepad that can fit in your pocket

Bandage Scissors

The specifics of what kind of stetho and uniform you'll need depends on your school but you can keep these in mind and maybe do a little online searching to see prices and everything to give you a rough estimate.

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A little pocket calculator, as well.

Thanks for the helpful advice...I may e-mail the dean on nursing and see if she can let me know colors and specs so I can go ahead and get uniforms and stethoscope on the way!


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where did you get accepted ashlee?

Hi! You may also want to get your immunization record ready. Also, the school might want you to undergo physical exams, TB skin test, drug test, background check, hep b and tetanus shots, but just wait until they say so, of course. Most of all, get financially ready. Books are expensive as well as living expenses especially if you will not be working. Other than that and the other things said here, then you will be most ready and informed before your orientation. Good luck!

I had to have all of that stuff turned in with my application....so atleast I have that done! Thanks! Yeah I'm still working on financial aid...I have savings to get me through for a little while but I'm hoping to receive scholarships for books, new computer, supplies, etc. I already received a grant to pay for tuition and fees! I'll know about the scholarships mid-July. Thank you for all of your help!

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