Which Omaha Hospital?

  1. Hi all,

    I'm having difficulty deciding between doing an ABSN at Creighton or Methodist. Disclaimer: I haven't been accepted at either school yet, but they require some slightly different prerequisites. I'm trying to lay out my prereq plan right now.

    1. Does where you go to school have any impact on the ease of getting hired by that particular hospital? For example, if I want to work for Methodist after nursing school, should I go to Methodist?

    2. Which health system is better to work for? Methodist or Creighton?

    Thank you so much for any help you can offer!
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  3. by   jewels08
    Hey! Not sure if this is too late to respond, but I'm in the ABSN program at Creighton right now. CUMC is closing in June and we don't do any clinicals there, so going wouldn't have any effect on getting hired there. Not sure how it is at Methodist, either. I have heard that a lot of times you may get a job offer where you do your preceptorship during senior semester. We do clinicals a lot in the CHI system, and it's really nice and the nurses seem to love it.
  4. by   JessIsOK
    I decided to apply at Creighton, because their start dates just work better for what's coming for me in the future. How are you liking the program at Creighton?
  5. by   jewels08
    I already graduated! It wasnt easy but it went by very quickly. A lot of disorganization and some of the professors are crazy but you just gotta deal with it, focus on your studies, and you'll be good!! Good luck!