What schools can you get into with a 3.6 GPA?

  1. Any schools in Omaha, really. I'm really scared I won't make it in to any schools with a 3.6 GPA. I haven't taken microbiology or a&p II yet, so I might raise my GPA by the time I apply to any schools. However, I am still worried. What are the difficulties of different Omaha schools? What are the accepted GPA's like? I need some help.
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  3. by   anurseatlast
    I would think that you would be in the running with a 3.6. Most schools look at more than just your GPA - what else were you doing - working, etc.and a 3.6 is a respectable GPA. Also, most do an interview which factors in. I applied at UNMC to start fall 2005 (I chose another school). At my interview, they told me the average GPA the year before was 3.75 but that there were some applicants with a 4.0 who they did not chose. If the average was 3.75, then some who were accepted had a lower GPA. You still have a couple pre-reqs. If you get an A in those, it will raise your GPA some, but even without that, I certainly think you stand a chance.

    I have a friend doing nursing at Metropolitan Community College and she said they have a point system of some kind. Grades are a factor but not the only one. You may be able to find information online or call and talk to an advisor.

    At my interviews for nursing school, both places wanted to know what life experiences you have had that prepared you for the stress of nursing school, if you are prepared to put the time in that nursing school requires, why you want to be a nurse ("I want to help people" is NOT a good answer.), etc.

    If you want to be a nurse, go for it. You don't have to have a perfect GPA to be accepted or to be a good nurse.
  4. by   Skips
    Thank you for the encouragement! I get so hung up on grades, and the horror stories of having a great GPA and not getting accepted. You made my day!