UNMC Acceptance Rate?

  1. Hello everyone!
    This site and all of it's wonderful users have been a huge help all throughout my pre-nursing schooling. I'm so excited! I FINALLY finished applying to nursing school (6 schools to be exact lol). I've applied to most of the programs in the Omaha, NE area: UNMC, Clarkson, Methodist, Creighton, College of St. Mary and Midland. I'm crossing my fingers for UNMC!
    My question is, what are my chances of getting in? and approximately when should I expect to hear whether I've been accepted or not? (Application deadline is Feb 1st for Fall 2014 start).

    I have:
    3.58 Cumulative GPA
    Weekly Volunteer at TNMC for 1 year
    CPR certified
    Enrolled in CNA certification course

    Has anyone else applied/been accepted to UNMC? I'd love to hear your stories and insight!
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  3. by   LaceElaine
    No one ever replied... BUT! I will follow up anyway for any other people in the future that will be as anxious and excited as I was!
    I just received my acceptance email to the omaha campus this morning!!!! I'm SOOOO excited!!! It was my first choice of campuses too. Hopefully this thread can alleviate someone else's anxiousness in the future by comparing your stats to mine!
  4. by   jennaroo
    UNMC sent acceptance emails out today to the Western Nebraska applicants
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  6. by   LaceElaine
    Thank you!!!! I'm ecstatic!!!!
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    Moved to the Nebraska Nursing forum.
  8. by   Cemmn
    Hi LaceElaine! I'm in the process of applying to the ABSN at UNMC. I'm trying to get a feel for the different campuses. I'm wondering what you think of the program at Omaha now that you're a couple of months in?
  9. by   LaceElaine
    So far, it hasn't been terribly difficult. Yes, it's VERY overwhelming. I'm not gonna lie about that. But I think that comes with any nursing school. I love my school and my teachers. They're all very supportive, encouraging and understanding. My first semester has been very intense as I'm taking 4 classes, 2 labs and clinical. The content isn't very challenging as of right now (I'm only 2 weeks in). What is challenging is the amount of homework, reading and projects. With that being said, I'm actually really enjoying my time here.
  10. by   OnlyDreaming
    So before applying to nursing school, how many credits did you have? Where did you volunteer and as what?
  11. by   LaceElaine
    Ummm well... I think I had something like 65 credits or so. I can't remember exactly. When I officially submitted my application (January 2014), the last class I needed was statistics. You have to have completed so many credit hours in order to apply, so I'd call -------------------. She works in admissions. And for volunteer work, I worked at the Med Center in Radiation/Oncology, the NICU/PICU and with the March of Dimes.
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    Thanks for the quick response!! Congrats on getting in!
  13. by   LaceElaine
    No problem and thank you!!
  14. by   MS777
    Hi. I am thinking going to apply BSN program if i couldn't get into Metro RN program. It doesn't say on its website but is there entrance exam to get in?