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  1. Has anyone here taken the NE approved RN refresher course? As I understand it, it involves completion of home-study modules and 30+ hours of clinical time.

    I've just moved here from a state which didn't have a continuing practice requirement for license renewal. So, although my out of state license is current and in good standing, I must take the refresher or retake NCLEX in order to qualify for a NE license.

    My family situation limits my availability of working hours to the school day. I am wondering if it is worth it (in terms of cost and time) to take the refresher, or whether I should just hang up my nursing shingle, and go apply to be a teacher's aide.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   jh479352
    I had been away from hospital nursing for 19 years and went back and took an RN refresher course in the NW. It was a 6 mon. class with clinicals and was a good program. However being away from nursing that long and then trying to start working again in the hospital when there has been so many changes, didn't work. I lasted 2 months, mostly because I didn't have an understanding preceptor. Hospitals didn't have IV pumps or online charting when I changed careers. My preceptor was ticked because I didn't master the computer in 2 weeks when it took the hospital 3 years to get down. I was also dx. with ADHD and dyslexia at that time. I'm working in a day health clinic now but still want to go back to the hospital and work with seniors. However, I'm really scared I won't get an understanding preceptor, and you're heard the expressions "Nurses eat their Young Alive" but I'm older. 57, Does anyone have any suggestions how to get experience with IV pumps and computers before I go to a hospital preceptor?????
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