Kaplan College in Omaha

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    Has anyone gone to kaplan here in Omaha? I've heard stories of people going there and not being able to find a job after graduation b/c some places won't accept them (kaplan).

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  3. by   ajhutch
    I have also heard this and the program is sooo expensive!! $22,000 for a LPN is just a rip off. There are plenty of other schools in the Lincoln/Omaha area that you can goto for under $10,000 some are around $6,000 for everything. I have a friend who went to Kaplan the one in Lincoln and she said non of her credits will transfer shes in the RN program over at metro now and had to retake all of her gen ed's and A&P!! So thats more money now shes out! I would not go there unless you have a bunch of money to blow.
  4. by   Jolie
    I have no first-hand knowledge of Kaplan. But I do have some concerns about their program. In the fall, I was considering applying for a position to teach a CNA course. In researching nursing education positions available here in Omaha, I was amazed to find all of the listings for instructor positions at Kaplan. I don't know how large their program is, but it seemed as though they were advertising for a huge number of instructors. So, either they have an extremely large program and need lots of instructors, or they were building a program essentially from scratch. I would check into that before giving the program any consideration.

    For a city of its size, Omaha has an amazing number of excellent health care institutions and nursing education programs. Have you checked into those with known reputations such as the Med. Ctr. (UNO), Creighton, Methodist, Clarkson, Metro or Iowa Western? Lincoln has good programs as well.
  5. by   ajhutch
    I would like to add to that last reply they go through instructors like crazy! My friend who I mentioned earlier that graduated there went through 3 in a 9 month period!!