Creighton Omaha ABSN Fall 2018

  1. Hello,
    I am planning to start the Omaha program this fall. I have seen a lot of negative reviews online but the most recent was 2016. Can anyone tell me about their recent experience? Is anyone else planning to attend this program? Thank you in advance!!
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  3. by   KC2017
    I am in the Fall 2018 cohort. From California.
  4. by   LSimpson12
    Hello! What part of California are you from? I live near Los Angeles. If you are on facebook please feel free to add me my name is Lindsay Simpson. What are your plans for housing? I am so excited I just paid my deposit fee last night so it's finally official
  5. by   KC2017
    I am from Roseville near Sac. I just sent you friend request. I am getting a studio by campus. My husband will come out to visit.
  6. by   LSimpson12
    Oh awesome! I never got a friend request so I think you might have added the wrong person.
  7. by   KC2017
    Look me up Kendra Cendana...I prob sent to wrong person
  8. by   chelseabeauford
    Hey!! I am attending Creighton's ANC program in August 2018, too! Would love to add y'all on Facebook!
    My name is Chelsea Beauford!
  9. by   KC2017
    Chelsea...I never found you. Look me up and send request. Kendra Willsey Cendana
  10. by   ChelsBe
    Hey guys! I found out that I was accepted into the Fall 2018 Omaha cohort and will be coming from California as well! I'm still waiting on my official letter. Do you know how much the deposit is and how much the tuition is? Looks like it's around $52K. Did anyone get offered financial help from the school?
  11. by   Marcel11
    Accepted into the spring 2019 in Omaha. Anyone else apply to Omaha?
    Also I was wondering if anyone has received a financial aid packet, and what it looks like?