Creighton ABSN Fall 2016

  1. Hello! I just got accepted to Creighton University's Accelerated BSN program for Fall 2016 start. I didn't see a thread posted for this cohort, so I was wondering if there were any others out there who got accepted and are planning on going to Creighton / applied / waitlisted / maybe going.

    Also, if any current students or CU grads have any light to shed on this program, on Omaha in general, places to live, do i need a car, etc.

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  3. by   h12md
    Hey! I tried responding to this but ended up responding to the wrong year haha! I'm in the January ANC 16' program here at Creighton and I graduate in December. We're almost done with our first semester, so I probably can't answer a ton of your questions but I feel like I've been in class for a lifetime.

    There are 22 females and 1 male student in our cohort. We all live off campus. You are responsible for getting to clinicals on your own so if you don't have a car you would need to arrange to carpool with someone. That can be an issue as we have quite the weather/traffic during winter.

    You'll have a good head start as it looks like you're a CNA already. Once they open up your blueline (the website we use to access powerpoints and submit homework) you'll want to familiarize yourself with that and browse whatever you can. Let me know if I can answer any other questions.
  4. by   jewels08
    Thanks so much h12md! I am pretty positive I'm going to be going to CU, how do you like it?? I just found out I have to take O Chem, which was unclear so I need to figure that out pretty quickly.

    Where do people in your cohort live? I saw some nice apartments online in Old Market!

    Also, what does your weekly schedule look like? How many days of lecture and clinical do you have? I'm not TOO worried about the intensity of the program, because obviously nursing school is going to be crazy anywhere and I'm prepared for that, but are you doing well so far in the program??

  5. by   h12md
    The old market is very close but it is very expensive and you will probably only get a studio roughly 400 sft for more than 1000 a month. Mostly anywhere in Omaha you can get to Creighton within 20 minutes or so. The thing that makes a difference is that classes will start anywhere between 7:30 and 8:00 so you'll be on campus earlier than a lot of people so traffic won't usually be a problem. The first semester is a little weird. For the first three weeks you will have Health Assessment Lab and Care Management Lab and Lecture. Health Assessment lecture is online and you'll be responsible for that material during your off time. After Health Assessment finishes, You'll start with your normal semester Care Management Lecture and Care Management Lab (Clinicals), Pathophysiology, Pharmacotherapy. Patho and Pharm are lecture only. Pharm is taught by the med school and Patho and Care are taught by Nursing staff. You'll have 3 clinical rotations for one month each until the end of the quarter. You'll have Long term/Rehab, OB/Delivery, Schools/Community. So how it breaks down is first semester clinicals are healthy population, second semester clinicals are focused on disease population (Peds, Psych, Med/Surg). The third semester we do our preceptorship (and hopefully you get whatever you're interested in - I'm not sure how that works yet.) Hmm...what else?
  6. by   jewels08
    What is your schedule like? How many days of lecture and clinicals?

    I'm coming to visit in April and planning at look at apartments. I'm coming from LA, so the apartments I've seen online really are cheap compared to what I'm used to!! Haha, it's going to be a nice change of pace!

    Do you like the program and professors so far?

    Thanks for all your info! i'm glad I was able to get in touch with someone!
  7. by   h12md
    Hey I'm sorry I just saw this. I have this forwarded to an email account I rarely check. I hope that your visit went well if you already came! For the first semester like I said before, it's a little weird for the first 3 weeks. Once health assessment is over Monday you'll have Care Management lecture in the morning and then Pharm in the afternoon. Tuesday you have Patho in the morning and then Care Management lecture in the afternoon. Wednesday and Thursday is Clinicals and it'll be an 8 hour day and Fridays we have (which you'll need to catch up on everything!). Second and Third semester you will have stuff all week, no day off.
  8. by   blacktyevent
    Hi, as a CUCON graduate as of this week i strongly discourage anyone from attending this program. This program is beyond disorganized, and in no way does it represent "the best of the best." All they want is your money, and then they inundate you with a nonsensical medley of "care management" courses that drastically fail to isolate the various specific medical disciplines relevant to the nursing profession. you will never get a comprehensive review of any system of the body or discipline of healthcare (i.e pharmacology or pediatrics). If you meet the bare minimum requirements, you get accepted no questions asked. why do i think that? well, I was previously kicked out of another nursing school and i didn't even have to interview at this one. Such precedent is relatively unheard of in nursing programs. At the end of it all i was able to pass my boards and join the top 25% of my graduating class, but it was at the cost of surrendering my academic & clinical integrity and it cost me over $60k in tuition. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE, there are a few good instructors at Creighton but the God-awful ones outweigh the good at a 5:1 ratio. Especial caution to male will be discriminated against once entering this school.
  9. by   jewels08
    Well this is terrible to hear considering I'm moving to Omaha and 3 days and start the program in 2 weeks! Oh well, best of luck to me I guess.
  10. by   erica2017
    I'm starting at the Hastings campus in January! Can you tell me how things are going so far?
  11. by   jewels08
    I actually love this program so far! I'm 2 months in and think its going really well - obviously there's some hiccups and disorganization but generally good. I'm at the main campus so I'm not sure what goes down in Hastings but I know our pharm class is transmitted there.
  12. by   erica2017
    Awesome! Thanks for the response. Do you mind if I ask what the clinicals are like? How much time a week do you spend outside of class studying? I have a 5 year old which is why I ask.
  13. by   jewels08
    Ya no worries, this semester clinicals are 4 week rotations of OB, school health/ screening, and long term care at a nursing home. That's Wednesday's and Thursday - hours vary depending but usually done between 2:30 and 4 ish. Studying probably 3-4 hours every day if Im not lazy, and we have tests every week basically so I study like ALL DAY Saturday and Sundays too.
  14. by   LSimpson12
    Hello jewels08!
    I recently was accepted to the Omaha program. I am reading through these forums feeling very discouraged. Can you tell me more about your experience in 2016? Would you recommend this program? Also, were you successful at obtaining a job right out of the program? Thank you!