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2nd semester of ASN program - part time


Hey all! I'm new to this site...this is actually the first topic I have posted here. :) This is my story...it may be kind of hard to follow so hopefully I don't confuse ya too much. ;)

I went to a small community college when I first graduated from high school (8 years ago) and received a Technical Certificate in Medical Transcription. I started back at my community college last January to pursue an Associate's in Nursing to be an RN. I finished up my Prereqs (English and Math, since I had taken A&P and Psych for my Transcription degree) and was going to apply to the ASN program at my community college to start next month. However, the program there is 15 credit hours per semester and I work full time and have a 2 year old, there's no way I can take that many credit hours per semester. So..I looked for other options. I found a better (and more expensive) program at a private Catholic university. I applied to the ASN program there and was accepted. I started this past semester. Since my A&P credits were more than 5 years old, they did not transfer...but my math, english, and psych did. So I'm having to retake A&P, which I don't mind, but as you know there is a lot of info involved. Even tho I have taken it before, I didn't automatically remember everything, so I still have studied ALOT. I just finished A&P 1, along with my first nursing class and clinical, which is Fundamentals. I'm considering taking a semester off from nursing courses, which I am allowed to do, but I'm just not sure if I WANT to do that. I do have an option of taking Pharm with A&P 2 next semester. Does anyone have any opinions on that? Exactly how hard is Pharm?

Depends on your teacher, we had a really good one but it's still a tough class. It's just a lot of information to learn in a short time. I just had it with 11 other credits so yeah, it's tough but not impossible. I got a 90%, my lowest grade out of all the nursing classes. You can do it!