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Hello Everyone!

I'm considering applying for the 2nd BScN program offered at York/ UofT - do you have any feedback about the program?

re: how did you find the course load, the professors?

Did you enjoy the program and would you recommend it?

Did you find it particularly hard to maintain a high GPA considering the workload?

I would really appreciate your comments/feedback!

Thanks!! :)


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I graduated from the Yorku 2 year accelerated program. I thought it was great. The professors are really awesome. Because of the short time, the courses are all killer no filler, you just have to stay on top of things because the pace is fast. Most of us got great placements in excellent hospitals (UHN,Sunnybrook, St Michaels, Mt Sinai, SickKids etc) with excellent preceptors (helps if you live downtown, same as UofT though). The class size is nice, makes for a very tight group where everyone knows everyone and everyone is kinda like in the same boat (makes complaining to professors a lot easier, youre not the only one with papers and exams due at the same time LOL). As per GPA, I think everyone was very succesful overall, with some people succeeding in some areas versus others that succeeded in others.

I dont know the specifics about the UofT program the person who designed the program for York also helped design the program at UofT (so I have heard) I think the approach is very similar.

I was waitlisted at UofT and I accepted York's offer as I had to make a decision (I couldnt wait another year). My advice to you is to apply to both you wont regret either one, both are great. I am biased towards york, i think that the way the program is designed made me develop a passion and a love for nursing. In case you are wondering, both YorkU 2nd entry and the UofT program include courses in mental health nursind pediatric nursing (most nursing programs are lacking in these two fields)

My only objection to the YorkU program is that York is so ******* far from downtown, where I live, LOL.


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Thanks soo much for the feedback - I really appreciate it!

I'm thinking of applying to both but I wanted some feedback on both programs b/c it's always nice to hear about the program from someone that completed it - there is usually more truth to it then the glossy brochures :)

Canadian eh?

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hey malenurse82, I was wondering if you dont mind me asking, what was your gpa when you got into YORKU........ive been trying to figure out what the average acceptance is for the school..........if you could tell me where you were at GPA at your time of acceptance i would appreciate it!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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I would apply to both programs and not worry so much about GPA because these requirements are subject to change at any moment, also you may get in even after being placed on a waitlist. Lots of people drop out or decide they just don't want to go to a certain school.

Good luck.


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I agree with the above response, if you want to do a second degree nursing program, just apply, regardless of GPA. There are lots of people who refuse entry, change schools or change plans.

I think i had a 3.0 (out 4.0) when I applied, and I wasnt wait listed at york.

When I was thinking about nursing, I applied to UofT, and BC and York. But its hard to get into BC coz I was out of province, but I still tried.

good luck everyone =)


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I think York is a good school. I read in The Star yesterday that their business MBA program is on it's way to becoming one of the best in this country and that alone says good things about the school. I know a few people who graduated from York years ago, and they all managed to find decent jobs.

I think the strike that they had years ago is old news and happens at lots of other places.

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