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well i'm about to graduate with my bachelors degree in kinesiology the spring of 2010 and i am seriously considering getting a second degree in nursing. I have discovered recently that I am sooo done working in retail and that what I truly love is helping people. physical therapy has always interested me, but based on the extra sciences and lack of nearby schools- my bf is going into pharmacy and it would create a significant distance- nursing is becoming ever more attractive. Is there anyone who went into nursing as a second degree and if so how satisfied were you with the decision. I definitely want to get into the healthcare field and would like some advice on how things have worked out for you.

I'm starting nursing school in the fall as a 2nd degree student. I took a long time to finish my first degree and then only worked 2 years before going back full time for my prerequisites, so I basically am going from one degree to another.

Will you have to take a lot of prerequisite classes or has most of that been covered with your undergraduate degree?


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Hey, I graduated with a degree in English back in May 2006 and I'm starting nursing school this fall. I say go for it!!! I found that more than half the people I know that are in nursing now did it as a second degree:twocents:


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i have 18hrs in prerequisites to take so i can finish that up pretty quickly. I actually pursued it my second year of college so I don't have as many classes to catch up on. Thanks for the avice


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Hey! I graduated with a BS May 2006 in Interiors and Fashion Merchandising. Completely at the other end of the health care spectrum, but it did interest me! I went straight from there to nursing school because I honestly felt "called", and I just graduated a few weeks ago, and actually take boards tomorrow! Ever since I started nursing school I just knew this was where I'm supposed to be. My first clinicals were a little awkward, (I'd never been up close and personal with strangers before!), and I started second guessing myself. But once you have a patient that looks you in the eye and thanks you for caring for them, there's no other feeling like it. It's so rewarding!


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Reading some of these posts I'm realizing that the only way for me to find out if nursing is for me is to just go for it. I only have one aunt who is a nurse and I don't speak to her much so nursing had never really interested me as a career field until I found myself envious of the fact that some of my peers were making a difference in people's lives and i wasn't. selling cell phones to me isn't rewarding and I am beginning to realize I am more interested in science and healthcare than business and management.


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I'm about to finish my second Bachelors degree in nursing and I can say that's its been a long road, a lot more hard work then my first degree, but it was worth every minute of it. But if I hadn't known with all of my heart that I wanted to be a nurse then there was no way I would have been able to put up with all of the insanity involved with nursing school. My best advice to you is to research/job shadow and if you know that you want to be a nurse then go for it. There will be tons of hoops to jump through, sacrifices to make, and drama to deal with and just keep your head above the BS, put in the hard work, and move on past the trials and tribulations of nursing school and you get to come out the other end working in a really rewarding profession you love not having to live pay check to pay check, which is about as much a person can ask for! As hard as it's been I haven't regretted it and I doubt you would either if you decide it's what you really want to do.

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