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2nd degree BSN students?


Hi everyone!

I was just wondering if there are any 2nd degree BSN students out there or anyone planning to apply to any of the accelerated programs for bachelor degree students?

I am planning to apply for next fall to an accelerated BSN program and I am a little nervous. I am not sure what to expect and am wondering if I will be missing out on anything by choosing such a program.

Well, I must be going because I am supposed to be researching info for my next lab!


I looked into some of the accelerated BSN programs, but I would have to move in order to attend. My GPA and prereqs are all good, but we just can't move and have to pay rent (our house is paid off) in order to attend. So, I'm just going to apply to the next closest university and drive. I am trying to get as much done as I can before hand so that hopefully I can cut that two years down to about a year and a half.

GOOD LUCK!! :balloons:

I am applying to an ABSN program at Samuel Merritt College in Oakland, CA. It is one year and very intensive.

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I start my last quarter of an accelerated BSN program after Labor Day and graduate November 17th! Every program is different and unique, just like traditional programs, but I don't think you'd be "missing" out on anything. Programs are required to provide a certain number of clinical hours, accelerated programs just squish them into fewer school terms. You have to be able to manage your time because there is no time or room to slack off. It's challenging, but I am glad I went this route because I enjoy being challenged, and I am glad I will be done with school a year earlier than if I had done the traditional program at my school.

Good luck with it.. it can be a wild (but fast!) ride!

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The only thing you miss out on with an accelerated program is a life! The educational experience is the same (you are required to have the same # of clinical hours as everyone else), it is just more intense. I just graduated from a 15 month accelerated program (woo-hoo) and it was definitely intense, but well worth it! There were times that I wondered what the heck I got myself into, and even considered quitting, but in the long run it has been a wonderful experience, I have made lasting friendships, and I have a BSN that just over a year ago I did not!!!

You guys are sooo lucky to be done or almost done with your programs. I wish to live and breathe nursing school now and don't like the waiting around for nursing school. I'm sure the time will fly by (hopefully...)

Are there any ABSN graduates that have small children at home? How was that like?

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I really struggled with this decision: Three years at CSU East Bay (Concord) vs. one year at Samuel Merritt (Oakland). Eventually decided that CSU was the best option for me due to expense and length of commute; And, mostly due to the fact it didn't take me away from my three young kids and family life as much.

I also was accepted to UCSF's and Samuel Merrit MSN programs, but declined both programs after much thought as well for many of the same reasons. Spent a lot of money in the process though, as I placed a deposit down in each program only to find out that the next program higher on my list accepted me.

I remember being in your shoes though--still appy to everything as what looks good to you right now may change in a couple months as you think about it more and as you hear more about the various programs.

Good Luck

I start semester 2 of an ABSN program on Monday. They were the only programs I considered. I started one in New Orleans 2 weeks before Katrina that flooded, and when we ended up moving away I would only consider cities that had a school with a similar program. Unfortunately, we moved to Tampa, and despite protests our dean has decided to essentially "decelerate" our program. We now go for the same number of semesters as the regular students, and just don't have next summer off. Be aware that this can happen anywhere, and don't pack up and move for a program that may change its curriculum after you enroll.

I am starting an accelerated second degree BSN program in October, and I would have to agree with Fleur-de-lis...doing one requires missing out on life!! But for me, it will definitely be worth it. I am looking forward to being a nurse in a year and a half, and going back to school for four years does not appeal to me!

I started my accelereated nursing program in July, its a 14 month program and I will be done next august. So far it hasnt been too bad, it is fast paced and lots of reading but nothing too extreme. Like many have already said, I have no life! But it will be done in a year and will be well worth it. Good luck to everyone!

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