NCTC Spring 2010 LVN Hopefuls (on-campus)


Has anyone applied for the on-campus spring 2010 LVN program at NCTC in Gainesville? I attended an information session last week and there were about 75 hopefuls there. I am taking the HESI on Saturday morning. Just wondering if anyone else is planning on applying? I hope I am not the only one who left the information session a little overwhelmed last week! They throw a lot of information out there which is to be expected. They are only accepting 40 students out of an expected 300-400 who will apply so they clearly stated it will be very competative. They said it is due to the program only being offered in Gainesville for the spring and for the fall they offer the program at all four campuses, so that is why only 40 lucky people will be chosen. Good luck to everyone!! Hope to see some others respond to this message and we can get through this 2 month waiting period together!! Waiting until November to find out if we are accepted seems so long from now!


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I have applied for the Spring 2010 on campus program. At the info session last Friday we were told that the average HESI scores for online and on-campus so far have been in the high 80's, and then there were also higher scores into the mid to upper 90's. I will take the HESI this week (a little nervous!). My co-worker is testing for the on-line program on Friday 9/25 and NCTC told her they will be taking 15 students instead of just 12, so that increases the chances for the online applicants. I am not sure though if the 15 is including the alternates or if they will accept 12 and have 3 alternates? The online program is extra competative. For the on-campus program, they said they will accept 40 and also send out some alternate letters and if you show up to orientation, it pretty much guarantees you a spot. This is an exciting and nerve-wrecking time for all of us I am sure!!! Good luck to everyone!!!

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