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NCTC LVN to ADN Transition Fall 2014 Hybrid


Specializes in Radonc, Skilled Nursing/rehab. Has 5 years experience.

I was looking on here and don't see any section geared towards this section of the ADN program at NCTC.

So now there is one! :woot:

I also included BSN Pathway in the Description thingy.... I don't know why. I guess because I didn't see that mentioned either.

Hi! I start this fall. Are there really only 12 in the class?

I got my LVN through NCTC's hybrid online program in 2010. I did it while working full-time, but I was also childless and single back then. I now have a family of four, so I'm sure it will be as stressful if not more so!

Does anyone know why EDUC 1300 (aka PSYC 1300) does not appear as a class in Add/Drop or Course Schedule, but appears as a graduation requirement?

Anyone who has done this program already, what days of the week were your clinicals? I know I'll find out eventually and it may well be different for my class. I'm just hoping I will have enough notice to shuffle my work schedule without losing too many hours.

Ok, I got an answer about the PSYC 1300 class. It isn't a requirement for ADN. I was running the wrong degree for transcript evaluation.

Currently, the 2014-2015 catalog does not have an Associate of Applied Sciences >Nursing dropdown option for running your own degree audit online. My mistake was running the audit under this year catalog for Associate of Science, because it was either that or Associate of Arts.

I fixed it by going to the 2013-2014 catalog > AAS > Nursing (LVN-BSN track).

Is anyone here of a non-nursing educational background, specifically already a non-nursing degree holder? How many non-nursing hours are you from completing the BSN track?


Specializes in Radonc, Skilled Nursing/rehab. Has 5 years experience.

I have my LVN. Before that a CNA and Before that ... Car sales, Maid, Ranch hand/ Cow poke, Chuck E. Cheese, sales at sears outlet in grapevine mills, big dogs associate, manager at wolf camera, editor for Disney/ABC, CBS, UPN, US miss world 2004 through a small media company and my first job was CiCi's Pizza....

I guess it's just you and me, NQ.

I wish one of last year's transition hybrid students would pop on and let me brain pick for a bit -- at least about the scrubs if not the dozens other minutiae. I will send a note to the school tomorrow, though.