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I am a registered nurse here in the Philippines, and I strongly believes that being a registered nurse and finding a job is harder than expected, it's a reality that everyone can't escape. Because of the high demands of nurses outside the country, more nursing schools and more nursing graduates are currently flooding the Nursing Profession here in the Phil. as a results many nursing graduates find themselves jobless for about 2-3 years after being registered as nurses. I remember the time after I graduate this nursing degree I thought that it will all be easy but then it was not.

Everything has changed way back then. After I passed Local board exam, I've tried my very best wanting to have a stable job as a registered nurse but then I find myself just being a volunteer. It's so hard to put my self there, just being a volunteer and paying everything such as allowance, foods, house rents, with you earning nothing but experience.

My plans are here now.

- continue my applying in the hospitals for official trainee as well as applying to take the NCLEXrn exam.

- if I passed NCLEXrn then I will take IELTS as fast as I can and give my very best to pass.

- If I passed IELTS then I will immediately apply for my VISA Screening.

- If I passed VISA Screening then I will immediately find an agency that will give me a job as a nurse or either care giver.

Because I will be applying for my NCLEXrn there in california, I need an SSN to have the hard copy of my license, right? so any job will do as long as they can give me SSN then it's fine with me. I'm a dawg I believe I can make my move once I get there in the USA.

Oh God please guide as nurses................. Phil RN's love yall.

What are your plans guys? I'll be glad to hear more from you.


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Your plan to become just a "caregiver" (or a glorified maid as others call it)after passing allthe tests you mentioned to become a registered nurse doesn't sound good to a lot of readers here. I was compelled to answer to this post for a reason that this notion has been pounded on hardly at this another thread It might give some insights what other people think and feel. It may stir some emotions within you but of course, you're entitiled to construct your own plan.

Good luck.

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