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NCP/Diagnosis Help

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I am looking for websites to help with NCP's and nursing diagnosis'. I am having a hard time finding the perfect nursing diagnosis for a laboring mom.


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you need a nursing diagnosis reference. there are no websites that contain all the 188 nursing diagnoses unless you are willing to pay a fee for this.

in order to use them, however, you really need to know how to chose a diagnosis.

diagnosing is done by performing an assessment of your patient and using the abnormal data that you obtain (what is actually the signs and symptoms of their nursing problems) to determine the diagnoses. every nursing diagnosis has a set of defining characteristics (signs and symptoms) of which the patient must have at least one or two. your laboring mom must be assessed for things like pain, fatigue and fluid status.

I have searched and not found any helpful websites for specific diagnoses. The website listed below has a list of diagnoses - not for laboring moms in particular but if look hard among them you may find something useful --- like "powerlessness" (a mom may feel powerless to control the pain caused by contractions, powerless to make the baby deliver quicker, etc.) or "activity intolerance" (it's hard to tolerate other activities in the middle of a contraction!). Your best bet is to look in your maternal-newborn nursing textbook. Mine lists the following as common nursing diagnoses for intrapartum families:

  • Anxiety:eek:
  • Fear
  • Deficient Fluid Volume
  • Impaired Verbal Communication:argue:
  • Coping (individual or family; ineffective, compromised, disabled, or readiness for enhanced)
  • Deficient knowledge
  • Pain (acute or chronic):sniff:
  • Risk for injury
  • Powerlessness (actual or risk):bugeyes:


Good luck with your care plan!

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