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I haven't yet started a program but would like to begin searching for used/cheap study material to help prepare for the NCLX. What are some of the better software programs out there? I would like to take practice tests as well.


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I love the Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN. This book comes with a CD that you can load onto your computer and take practice tests and then see where your weakness is.

I also have been using this book as a reference because everything is outlined for you according to Cardiovascular System, Respiratory, OB, Peds, etc. I use the Saunder's to help me study for a test along with reading notes from the textbook and lecture notes...then I go and do the practice tests that corilate with the material we are being tested on. I have found that my test scores have dramatically improved since using this book.

I also like this book because the first 5 or so chapters are stricly on how to study while in school along with a testimonial from a recent grad who passed the NCLEX with the use of this book.

Another book I recommend is the Reviews and Rationals for the NCLEX-PN. This book is expensive ($40) but worth the money as it includes not just a CD, but a bar chart at the begining of the book to reference important information. Every test question in this book comes with the rational of why this is the right answer or why that was not the right answer. I also use this book as a reference to study for tests in class.


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