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first of all - thank you soooo much for helping me keep my head up. I had a feeling about that LAST question - which i spent like 5 mins on! It was hard as hell - and I thought, "I BET that this question is do or die for me!" I had no clue, but then i was soooo tired of thinking, that I picked what I thought was the best answer. OH WELL... we'll see how it goes - i am a lot better today than I was yesterday. I've just been praying sooo much! It's in God's hands now I guess - I will let you all know how it goes.

ps - one of you guys asked what my plans were - well, I have a New Grad job lined up at UCLA, which is why I am kinda scared about failing the exam. I don't know what will happen with my job if I don't pass!

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