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NCLEX Testing Center in Manila

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i heard we are going to have nclex soon here in the phils? how true is this info and howsoon?

i heard we are going to have nclex soon here in the phils? how true is this info and howsoon?

It was posted on the Pearson-Vue website in February that there would be a center in Manila. However, since that one post there has been no further mention of it. And they made the announcement the week before CGFNS came out with their statement about last summer's exam. And then there is the issue about the exam being on hold in Korea since mid-April for cheating allegations. So right now, do not expect anything to happen in the next months, and serious doubt it. Just too many negatives about opening the center there right now, not enough in the positive columns.

It is not sad, it is what we have been saying here all along. And now with the center in Korea on hold because of cheating issues, and remember that the mention of the center opening was the week before CGFNS came out with their statement about last summer's NLE exam.

And add that it in with the significant increase in immigration fees next week, I do not expect it to happen.

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I read that too in pearson vue,and i even delay my exam. so i can take it in pinas,so i guess i just have to take it in UK instead.We just hope and pray it will materialize soon so our kababayan will not spend a fortune in taking it in other countries!

Again, do not expect it to open anytime soon at all. Especially since they have put the Korean center on hold because of cheating issues. And they are the same ones that we are all well aware of that have been happening out of Manila.

Why in the world would they put a center there right now, when the review centers that have been at the center of things, and involved with issues with the NCLEX exam are still open and operating as normal? And with the voter fraud last week with the elections in many provinces, why in the world can they trust any of the systems there?

Do not make any plans to test there this year................

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It's really a sad thing that the image of pinoy nurses have been marred due to cheating... I just hope that they will still include the philippines as a testing center for the nclex... It would save a lot of pinoys from spending too much to go to hongkong, saipan or guam just to take the exam..

There have been many issues there with cheating, both on the NLE exam, as well as what we have been hearing of the CGFNS exam, and even on the NCLEX exam held in HK due to some of the infamous review centers there.

Add the documented cheating in Korea that has put that center on hold, and the fact that CGFNS issued their statement one week after the announcement of the center in Manila and it does not look promising.

I work in an area that has a very large Filipino population as well as a large Filipino work force of nurses that trained in PI, and not one of them wants to see the exam held in Manila. And I questioned more than 100 nurses in my facility from PI.

If it was truly going to happen, there would have been something else on the Pearson-Vue website by now, and last posting is still from February 20th.

I know that this is quite true what you have posted, but the bad apples have made it bad for the rest of you. Perhaps this will get some of you focused not to accept what they are doing.

There are those that are boasting on other websites what they have done as far as cheating on the exam, or trying to outsmart CGFNS. And it is turning around to bite them on the butt. But it is also making it much rougher on those that wish to do things correctly. If enough of you do not accept what is being done then perhaps it will get changed. But not if things stay as they are.

First, they need to get rid of all of these fly by night nursing programs that have sprung up and have no idea of what they are doing, other than how to put money in their back accounts. They are not creating nurses, far from it. The nurses have no skills whatsoever and that is what is causing issues now for a nurse from PI to get a hospital position right off. Change needs to start there, there is nothing that we can do it about it from the US, other than refuse to accept a nurse that trained there. That is something that the US government does have control over. Same thing with the recent elections, officials were there monitoring, but cannot do a thing about it.

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