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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if how soon after the semester ends are you allowed to take the NCLEX? I graduate May 6 2014. I would love for this process to only be about 3 weeks at the most, but I keep hearing different things.

Students who graduate in December have to wait for the holidays to pass so I did not want to base my research off of what happened last semester. Any one here have any insight?

My current job is driving me up the wall and I would like to resign while studying for the NCLEX so I can eliminate that stress while I concentrate on the state boards, but the timing must be perfect, which is why I would like to know how soon can I test?

I don't think anyone can tell you exactly when you will be able to sit for your NCLEX. It depends on how long it takes your school to send out your transcripts to the BON, how long it takes the BON to approve your application. Then when you get your ATT, and you go to schedule your test, you may not be able to get in for 2-3 weeks depending on how busy the testing site is. Good luck! Congrats on your upcoming graduation!

True true true....

Since you are close to graduation, get your application started. Do some research online to determine the different test locations. Each location will have it's own schedule. I purposely selected a location out of my area. First, I really didn't want to take the test with anyone from my class and two, it gave me an excuse to get a nice quiet hotel room to do a little last minute review and relaxation.

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