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Canadian and moving to Baltimore, wrote my nclex on the 1st of Feb. Comp shut off at 75, I must say that I had a sickening feeling in my stomach. I would say that I guessed @ 40% of them. Any-body out there that wrote in MD? And how long did it take to get the results?


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Here is a neat little trick... give it 72-96 hours after your exam, then call you state board of nursing & ask if a license has been issued to you [you will have to supply social security number & date of birth]. Obviously, they will not issue a license if you did not pass NCLEX. NCLEX is national, you must have taken the exam at a Sylvan or Prometric center. They are usually quick in thier results transmissions to state boards of nursing.

Good luck!

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DO not panic if there is no liscence after the time that Tim mentioned. It took 12 days for my liscence to appear (magically) on the Board's computers. I have a friend from MD who says they are very slow- you probably did just fine. I felt that same way when mine shut off at 75- I kept thinking, wait! I know more!! Let me show you what else I know!! Good Luck. and Welcome to the US.

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