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NCLEX success story w/timeline

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Hello! I was obsessively checking these boards throughout the process of applying to the Ca BRN, so I wanted to share my details.

I was convicted of "maintaining a house used for cultivation, distribution, etc." in 2001. It was a misdemeanor charge that revolved around my boyfriend growing pot and making hash. Unfortunately, even though I had nothing to do with it, I lived there and I was the name on the lease.

At this point, I have had many livescans (including raising foster children) and the charge has not appeared....until applying for nursing school. Surprise!! So I knew that it needed to be reported. When I applied I tried to secure the documents, but discovered they had been purged. Instead I received a court docket that listed all the original charges, but showed that I was convicted only of one. I also paid for a certified letter stating that the record had been purged. I scanned all of these items in *color to show the seals and also submitted the receipt for the certified letter. Along with this, I submitted work evals I requested from HR as well as 3 reference letters and a statement I wrote about the incident and my life now.

Here is my timeline:

4/4-Submitted all paper work to Ca BRN

5/18-Graduated Nursing school

5/26-Letter stating my evaluation was complete but I was deficient in transcripts. It also stated my application would be delayed due to disclosure of criminal history.

5/30- Nursing degree posted

6/1-Most of class began to receive their ATTs

6/4-Date changed from 4/4 to 6/4 and now says "Initial RN license by exam"

6/5-(10pm) Received ATT

6/26-Will take NCLEX!!!

Hope this helps!

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When you say you submitted your paperwork on 4/4 was it scanned with your initial application?

I'll be graduating this December and need to disclose my DUI from 9.5 years ago just not sure if I should scan everything during my initial application or wait for them to ask for it.

If you see this and respond thanks in advance!

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