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I just graduated from my nursing program and I start working next week. My transcripts are supposed to be sent out this week, so I can get my temporary license. Well, then I can schedule to sit for NCLEX. My school paid for us to have the Kaplan review course, where the lady from Kaplan came for a week and helped us with questions and of course the infamous decision tree. I honestly don't feel like I gained a thing from the review course. She pretty much just read the rationales out of the book if we got the questions wrong. I do have access to the Kaplan QBank and the Question Trainers which I have scored in the 60's. I went to Barnes and Noble to buy some books, and WOW there are TONS of books. I ended up buying the Made Incredibly Easy NCLEX questions and answers, the Kaplan medications you need to know, the Kaplan 2010 NCLEX book, a box of questions from Mosby's, the Mosby's RN game, and I have a HESI NCLEX book that was given to me. What would you recommend or have you used any of these books in the past with success?? If not what other study tools would you recommend?? I know everyone says Kaplan Qbank and the trainers are great, what are your opinions?? Thanks for your help!! I know my post is kinda long :o)


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Hi, school paid for us to take the Kaplan program as well. In my honest opinion, Im glad I didnt have to pay for it out of my pocket. I took the course last year. WASTE OF TIME! I dont understand what the big hoopla is over Kaplan..I couldve studied questions and rationales on my own. Although I did complete the q trainers and all of that, i really dont feel like it helped me. I took boards about 2-3 weeks after the class and passed. During the test, I couldve cared less about that decision tree! I also used Mosby questions as well. I dont know your particular learning style, but just study the questions anyways and if your program prepared you well Im sure you will pass. I also looked over certain disease processes from my textbook and associated meds, lab values, etc...The NCLEX throws questions from anywhere theres no way you will be able to study EVERY SINGLE TOPIC. Stay calm, study your Kaplan questions until they make you sick (just in case!), and other resources and take the test. GOOD LUCK!!!!


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I have the Saunder's NCLEX review book, and it is great. It has helped me study for tests in my nursing courses and brought up my grades. I have another year before sitting for the NCLEX, but it really is a great book. Better than the Kaplan. We already have Kaplan reps coming to prepare us early but I think this book beats all they have done.


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While some people may not like Kaplan review (to me the book was pointless) the only reason I passed boards the second time was because of the Q bank! The hospital paid for the Herse Review (which sucked) so I used Kaplan and believe me it works!! Good luck:hpygrp:

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