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Once I begin nursing school, I will be commuting about an hour each way. I know that I can get novels on cd, but I was wondering if any of you know if there are study guides available on cd too. I looked at, but they all seem to be books with cd-rom included. I want something I can listen to in the car. Any suggestions?



p.s. I haven't actually gotten my acceptance letter yet so I won't buy the cds yet, but I am thinking positive. Plus, after everything I have had to do to just submit my applications, it is hard to do nothing but just sit back and wait, you know?

i don't know of anything like that. all the nclex book have practice exam questions but that's all i've seen.


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all the nclex cd's i've seen are the cd-roms that come w/books and only have review questions for the computer. one idea-not nclex related- invest in a good handheld tape recorder and record your lectures then play them back during your commute, may not necesarilly prepare you for boards but might help when exams roll around. just an idea-didn't know if you had thought of it yet. best wishes and good luck on getting in!

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