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hi im new here, i have a problem regarding my NCLEX result.. i took my exam last Sept. 6, 2007 here in the Phil and until now i haven't received my confirmation letter yet... although, I did received an email/survey from NCSBN and they congratulated me for passing th NCLEX so I asked my other friends who passed the NCLex already and they did received an email/survey like mine from NCSBN but after they received their confirmation letter.. with my case I received the email first so i really think that my confirmation letter is lost already.. I have called the BON 5x already. the first time I called, the operator told me just to wait so I waited until its 2months already, I called again and opeartor said that she will tansfer it to the evaluator and that I should wait for an email from the evaluator but after two weeks of waiting still no sign of that letter and that email so i called again last nov.26 and the operator told me to wait for the letter the next day I will receive it but i have waited the whole day, still no sign of the letter.. i don't know what to do next.. the BON(operators) don't know , i guess, what to do cause they don't seem to be doing somthing about it... i've been waiting for 3months now, i think, still no sign of my confirmation letter.. i don't know if i really passed the NCLEX or what.. help me out guys.. i don't know what to do now... even i keep on telling BON that i think my letter is lost, they're not doing anything about it :o thanks.

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Have you asked to speak to someone other than the operator? May be worth asking as you should have received your results by now


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wel you have to wait the toe frame for snail mail. that take weeks of waiting. well kowing that the nscbn emailed you already that you passed then at this time just wait for confirmation and you have already reason to celebrate that you passed.

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