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I'm about to finish my work contract here in the middle east by early next year. At this point, I decided to go back home and will gamble with my chances on NCLEX. Want to ask everybody if all of those who took the NCLEX also passed the CGNFS.

Is it a requirement to pass the CGNFS first before they allow you to take the NCLEX? If not, what are the requirements needed to secure inorder for me to take the NCLEX test? Where and whom shall I need to contact to get a registration for the examination?

Lasty, any best review centers/schools that offers NCLEX preparation course that I can attend in the Philipipnes?

Thank you and God Bless You all!

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You are not applying for NCLEX but licensure to be a RN in the US of which NCLEX is part of that process.

Only a handful of states require CGFNS exam and it is different to the NCLEX so unless you need to do it there is no need to do it. I suggest you read the sticky Primer to working in the US and also recommend sticky California as initial licensure as many pick CA for initial license and then have problems as no hard license is issued, would also suggest reading threads on immigration issues and retrogression as you are affected by it and looking at the moment for approx 5 years process before you move to the US and that is no longer a guarantee.

You need to decide which state you want to work in and then apply to the state for licensure of foreign trained nurse, some do their own assessment, most require CES from CGFNS, some require English exams but will require English exam for VSC, and a small handful require CGFNS exam.

I strongly suggest a good read in this forum

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