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Hello everyone,

I am preparing to take my third and final NCLEX somewhere in the end of January, beginning of February. Has anyone who has taken it and passed dealt effectively with their stress levels? Can anyone tell me a concrete way that has helped them in the past to calm themselves and control anxiety? I understand the breathing techniques and all but I could really use some advice on this one.

Thanks for the virtual ear.

God Bless,


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1. Don't study the day something fun...go to a movie, etc.

2. Take a bubble bath the night before...and get to bed early.

3. Have a nice breakfast eating something high in carbohydrates, NOT greasy!!

4. Dress comfortably, but dress for SUCCESS (neat and confident).

5. When you get into the car to drive to the test site, take your favorite music cd along or turn on your favorite station. Blast the music and sing at the top of your lungs like no one's watching!!!!

6. Get to the test site a bit early....that way running late doesn't add to your stress level. When you walk..walk TALL with your shoulders back and your head held high. are there to PASS and be SUCCESSFUL.

7. When you sit down in front of that computer, remind yourself that you are SUCCESSFUL, you have studied HARD and have earned the right to PASS this test.

8. Take 3 nice deep cleasing breaths before starting the exam.

9. With each question remind your self of the "ABC's"...airway, breathing, circulation. And really ask yourself "what is this question asking me". Go with your gut and don't second guess your self.

We are pulling for you!!!!:D


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I agree with USA. In the test, if you feel like your stress level is going up, stop, close your eyes, take 3 deep slow breaths while telling yourself you are prepared and will succeed. Open your eyes and read that question slowly 3 times along with the answers. I fly through test and usually make stuipid mistakes. This is the tech that I used to slow myself down and concentrate on the question at hand. Even if I knew the answer, I would read it 3 times before answering.

Good luck and know that you can pass. You will Pass. and welcome to Nursing.


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hi jacel,

oh my prayers are with you on this one. i suggest that you get a massage right before you go, this will physically reduce all the stress carried in your body. i agree with usa and others that, do not study a day or so before. jacel, write me and share with me what you do do, so that i can be prepared for my second attempt.


Thank you all for your replies,

I will keep it all in mind. This test will be different for me because I'm going to physically make myself relax. It was a confirmation about the massagen wnt2besurgrn, I was thinking about doing it, now I will. I will also take those breathers. I realize now that the last time I was telling myself I got questions wrong and it made my confidence lower. I will not let myself do that this time. Instead I will take 3 breaths and tell myself I will succeed! Oh and that bubble bath sounds wonderful...think I might do that ahead of time too =)

Thanks again wnt2besurgrn, travilinglady, and USA987. You are God sent.


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