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I am a nursing student at CCBC Catonsville. I have a year left and I am curious about how soon after you finish school do you take the NCLEX. What exactly happens once you graduate? What is the process?


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I haven't done that yet, but if you don't get an answer; just call your school. I believe after your final grades are ready, they will submit your NCLEX application, and then you will schedule the exam. I know most folks can take it within 6-8 weeks (If you're ready), but your nursing admin. office can give you the most specific details.

Some friends have taken a significant amount of time off to do a review course also. I suppose it might vary depending upon what your employment situation will be.


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I just graduated on May 21st from AACC and I can tell you how it was for me. After grades were finalized, the school mailed our applications to the board of nursing. When I was ready to pay the NCLEX people the $200 it costs to take the test, I did so online. Then I had to wait for them to send me my authorization to test (ATT). I signed up to have all NCLEX communication sent via email so it was faster. I got my ATT maybe 2 days after I paid for the test, and was then able to select a testing date and appt anytime between june 8th (the day I paid the $200) and December 2009. I chose to take the NCLEX in Delaware because it had more appts available (you can take the test in any state you want). I took the test today (!) and am awaiting my quick results, which take about 48 hrs to get. I know some people in my class took the NCLEX as early as June 11th, 12th, 13th (about 3 weeks after graduation). I'm sure it's pretty similar at most of the schools around Maryland.

I forgot to add that most people take a review class in between graduation and the test, but I elected not to. :)


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Thanks so much akmegs2. Congrats on graduating:yeah: and I wish you the best on successfully passing the NCLEX. I heard that there was like a five to six month wait because a review session is mandatory. That didn't sound right to me. Have you heard how long the review sessions generally run?


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You're welcome! Hurst came to my school and did a 4 day (8hrs each day) review that was actually finished before we even graduated and I think Kaplan is 2 weeks but maybe 4 hrs each day? Those are the only 2 that I know anything about. :)

I just graduated from CCBC Essex. One guy in our class took the NCLEX less than 1 week after graduation. The CCBC programs are pretty good. I don't think a review program is necessary for everyone.

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