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NCLEX prep

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Hi as a soon to be new graduate - what are the best NCLEX prep classes out there?

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I failed the NCLEX 5 times, PLEASE help!

It is very discouraging after spending many hours studying and putting incredible effort to find myself failing the test. I have not lost hope that I can pass the test, but there must be something I am missing. I have covered Kaplan, U-word and NCLEX RN mastery app. I pass all of these practice tests with 80% or more. Each time I went to take the test I did not feel anxious, but confident that I knew the content. The first 3 times I got 265 questions, using all 6 hours without a break. The last 2 times I ended up with 90 and 88 questions respectively. At this point I think I need someone 1:1 to help me figure out what I'm doing wrong. I am a really good student and my GPA is 3.75, had no problem in nursing school. I can dedicate all of my time to preparing for the test. I think I need help with test-taking strategy, because my knowledge of the content is solid. I get confused with the questions and probably miss things that are more about the question and the way that it is worded, than the actual background knowledge.


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Do this to help you

1. Night before do not cram for the test get sleep, go out to dinner or just relax.

2. When you are ready to take the exam

Read the quest in its entirety without judging, without thinking where they are going with this. An example. The nurse caring for Mrs. J is prepared to suction her endotracheal tube. Which of the following interventions will reduce hypoxia during this procedure? Then read the question again try not to look at the answers.

3. Break the question down into manageable pieces...procedure to suction endotracheal tube. How do you prevent Hypoxia?

4. Never change an answer unless you are 100 percent sure you marked it wrong. When you do look at the answers you can almost always disregard one of them...your odds go up to 33.33 percent now of getting it right think about suction for 30 seconds, think about how a person breaths...breath in breath out respirations are about 20 per min?/ maybe a few less why would you suction for 30 seconds at a time??? Hold your breath for 30 seconds....it is hard! Throw out that answer of c. What answers are left review what makes sense the most.

Look at what is being provided....endotracheal tube needs suctioning, think about what you know about this...picture your self in clinically or in the class room studying about this, testing about this issue...

Look at what is being asked...what should I be doing to prepare to suction? Picture yourself doing this what would you do how would you do this? Run the scenario through your mind...then look at the answers

a. Hyperoxygenate Mrs. J for up to 60 seconds prior to starting

b. Administer 15 cc of sterile fluid into the tube prior to suctioning

c. Suction for no longer than 30 seconds at a time

d. Wait 30 seconds after suctioning before attempting again

The answer is

a. Hyperoxygenate Mrs. J for up to 60 seconds prior to starting the suctioning.

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