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Nclex- PN or RN OR both?

I am elgible to take the LPN boards in December of this year with one more semester to go and I will be through with my RN classes. My question is I want to go ahead and buy a Nclex book, but I don't have alot of money. If I just bought the Nclex - RN would it probaly help with LPN boards????? Or should I get both books???:idea:

I took the PN NCLEX while still in an RN program and had a stack of RN review books that I used for the PN exam with no problem. I would buy the RN book(s). You will be able to distinguish PN slanted questions from RN questions with no problem. I did.

I'm sorry what is PN slanted questions? So should I get both Kaplan and Saunders, those seem to be the main ones I hear about.

Questions written to the PN scope of practice. The reason the publishers have written both PN books and RN books (besides increasing revenue). PN books aren't going to have a lot of "assessment" and "care plan" stuff in there because at least in school, they said that RNs do "assessment" and "care planning".


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