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I am looking for a review book for the nclex-pn. I have done a search here on all the posts and everyone seems in agreeance that saunder's is a good one. Has anyone used the incredibly easy one? I have read other incredibly easy books and they seem pretty good. What does everyone think?

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I just ordered one. We'll see.


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I used both for RN.

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I got my NCLEX-PN Review Made Incredibly Easy book a few days ago. I've been reading and so far I like what I see. I also got, as a bonus, Lippincott's NCLEX-PN 250 New Format Questions (or something like that). I got these as


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I looked through a bunch of them at the bookstore and bought the Incredibly Easy NCLEX RN Review book because I have a while yet before the exam and I wanted mostly review rather than mostly practice questions (although there are a bunch of questions in it, too. Incredibly Easy also has a whole other book with just tons and tons of practice questions).


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Well, I ended up buying a Davis NCLEX-PN review book because it has disease and just all sorts of information in outline form in it (which I can use for clinicals this semester). It has a disk with it that took me a little bit to figure out. So far I like it really well. I also got the Lippincott 250 new format question book. The new format questions have kind of got me worried. So far I have spent a big chunk of my Christmas break reviewing these books. I am such a geek!:roll

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