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i have a question...

does anyone know if the rpn exam in ontario is called the nclex-pn? i know that's what the us of a has but is this what it's called in ontario?

i have been reading the forums of the lpn's in the states and just thought i'd see if anyone knew. as i understand it from my teacher, since ontario (college of nurses of ontario) changed to the diploma from the certificate (about i think 4 years ago) our scope of practice is larger and will be growing as time moves on. anyway, to get back on track, :uhoh3: i just thought i"d see if anyone knows if it is the same :rolleyes: or how long the exam is :rolleyes: did you have difficulty?.....


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ugh, don't quote me, but I think it is called CNAT or something. I definately know it is not NCLEX... Check a College website.


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to answer the second part, it is broken into two sessions am and afternoon. am was medications and afternoon was nursing component. I wrote in 97, so it may be different now. as for me, i walked out of there thinking i flunked, but i didn't.

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NCLEX is the National Licensure Examination for the United States only. It is a completely computerized exam.

The exam in Canada, is still pencil and paper and is under the jurisdiction of the provinces.

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