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Help!! I am miserable because I took my boards today and I got 172 questions. I flew through the first 50 questions because I couln't wait to get to 75 and my heart was beating so fast that I could practically hear it. That was stupid because look where it got me.When I got to 100, I really became anxious. Is it me or were the questions

not that bad? I felt that my Mosby and Springhouse sofware really prepared me, but now I am not sure. The fact that it was not too hard for me may indicate that I overlooked things. Does anyone know anyone who had 170 questions??

I thought I could provide you with some support. I myself have not taken the boards yet, but I am sure you past with flying colors. I am sure you are proably over reacting and just anxious about the results that will be soon arriving in the mail. Well best of luck to you and best wishes in all of your future endeavors.


BrownSuga cool:

Please, Please, Please be good to yourself and try to do some relaxing things. After my boards last month I made the terrible mistake of looking up some answers to questions I thought I remembered. I went from feeling pretty good to panic!! I am not exaggerating to say that I didn't sleep or eat well for the 3 1/2 weeks it took to get my results. My computer shut off at 75 and I didn't feel as if I could have done that well so I figured I must have bombed the test royally! I PASSED...and so have everyone of my classmates so far. Our questions shut off at 75, 80, 85, 100, 115, 160, get the picture. All felt like they surely failed and all have passed. So, hang in there!!! We are pulling for you.

My friend took 201 questions... and PASSED! Remember, half of the questions you are asked are advanced level questions, all you are expected to do is answer the entry level questions correctly consistently. Our med surg instructor writes questions for the NCLEX, and she said you will leave feeling like you answered half of them wrong, and you probably did- but not to worry or dwell on it. So... don't. I am sure you did fine!

:rolleyes: Hey...I know it is hard but try to distract yourself for a few weeks until your official notice comes. I took mine on July 12 and found out this week via verification phone line that I PASSED and I took all 265 questions. Sometimes people just get mock pilot questions and there seems to be no guarantee in rationale for the # of questions are person takes. Stay positive. Will be thinking of you!
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