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Hi to All,

I just want to ask for help fellow nurses,

I'm processing my NCLEX-RN application here in Saudi Arabia and I'm still stuck on my criminal background check. I don't know where to take my fingerprint scanning here in Saudi? Is there anyone here who experienced it?


Thank you

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You need to go to your respective embassy and ask for a letter of attestation to get a police clearance. Once you receive the letter, go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and have it stamped. Once it is stamped, you will submit that paper to the Police Department (Jawazat) where they will do the fingerprint.

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Thank you... í ¾í´—

hi janeen, may i ask which state did you choose to apply?

i am also working in KSA and planning to take nclex.

because isnt it each state has different ATT validity?

just wondering would it not be a problem if for example you applied for a state with 90 days ATT validity, could you easily have your leave approved and fly to the philippines to take the exam within that 90 days?

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I'm applying to Texas

regarding your question, yes I already asked our Medical Director about it and he gave me permission since I didn't have my vacation in the Philippines for 5 years.

I think the BON Texas is giving only 75 days for ATT

thanks for replying janeen

HI, just want to ask if you finish your FBI fingerprint scanning here saudi arabia, can you help me??

Hi regarding fingerprinting can you help me? Thanks

Hello, I hope you can help me with my fingerprinting as well,I am currently applying for Minnesota I also need to do the same but their is a form that the law officer who does the fingerprinting need to sign with, will they sign that form once they do the fingerprinting? I hope you can help me

Hello, im working in jeddah. can i know where i can apply to take nclex exam? hoping you can help me.

Hello can you help me where I can do my fingerprinting for Texas board??

Thank you 

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