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NCLEX Exam. Need help in my re-take.

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Hi! it's my first time posting here and I have something to ask you guys about. I'm from the Philippines and I took my NCLEX exam in California Aug last year, but I didn't make it so I went back to the Philippines. Now I'm planning to re-take my exam but the California Board wont allow me because they say that I don't have a Social Security Number. So initially what's on my mind was, why did they allow me to take the exam in the first place? right? They just advised me to look for another state which don't require a SSN. We're kinda low on budget. So my question is, Do I have to go over the the whole application for a new exam in another state or could I just pass my application for re-examination to the other state that don't require a social security number? This is really a dilemma because I don't have the money nor the time to process all the documents needed for finger printing, nursing program checking and preparing for a new application (which I already done last year for the CA board). So since I'm here in the Philippines and the whole process usually takes at least 6 mos for foreign graduates. Would anyone give any advice or help on how I would solve this dilemma? Any positive advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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CA changed their requirements a few months ago and now no longer accept applicants without a SSN, there is also another state that now enforces this rule. Applying to another state you have no choice but to start all over again from the beginning. Each state has their own requirements for foreign trained and you still have to meet that requirement

If you had passed the NCLEX-RN when you took the exam you would have had the option to move those results to another state. Make sure that you review your weak areas thoroughly, and briefly review the areas that you're strong in.

As Silverdragon states you must start over again and locate a state that doesn't require a ss#. Which now the majority do require one. Good Luck