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I am Registered Nurse from India, I have completed my B.Sc.Nursing and also given IELTS exam (7.5 band score) I am planning to give NCLEX.

I have been told Canadian NNAS does not recognise Indian BSN and I don't have sufficient IELTS score to get eligibility from Australia, so I only have USA yo get NCLEX eligibility.

can someone please tell me if there's any US states which does not require documents to be sent from your Nursing school. For context I studied in Government college and faculty is really unsupportive, so if you know any state which does not require any interference from nursing school please let me know. 

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To my knowledge, all states boards of nursing require transcripts as proof of education when not obtained with their state.  Many states require Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN) use verification service to confirm foreign transcript legit.
Check AN's link to all Boards of Nursing to view requirements for state your interested in residing.

Our World Nursing forum may provide some advice from those now in US from India.

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