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Hey there, i was wondering how long is the waiting period to get an nclex eligibility in Florida

I'm still waiting on mine. I did all the CGFNs, livescan finger print and sending of my application.

I got 2 letters from BON FL:

First one said that even though all required docs to complete my application file have been received they still need "additional review" by an education processing specialist

...and that they will be sending me a written notification with regards to my status, within 14 days of the date on the first letter i received.

Second letter arrived the day after the first letter, and it says that BON FL will consider my application at a following meeting. I'm not sure if the second letter is the letter i was supposed to receive within 14 days. i'm still checking the mail everyday for almost a month but no news yet.

This is making me feel anxious, i just wish they let me know soon so i can actually start studying or do the needful before i take the nclex (if they ever allow me to)

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Hi, I also sent my application for RN exam in Florida. I just called today for a follow up and they said that my letter is already in the mail but it is not an eligibility letter yet. Something about a board meeting on December for the approval of my application. I still need to read the explanation on the letter though. So how was your application? Did you get your eligibility yet?



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Hey their Katalinah,

Once CGFNS sends your application to FBON, FBON will have these meetings where they review your application in order for you to receive an eligibility.

I got my eligibility via mail and you will also receive a physical mail a few days after. Then 2 weeks after that I got my ATT (authorization to test). after which I scheduled my test.

It was a long and complicated process for me but it all paid off. I took the test and passed :)

Oh wow! Congratulations! Do you reside in Florida? Isn't it a long gap cos CGFNS already forwarded my evaluation to FL BON 2 weeks ago and they will have this board meeting on December?



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Thank you!

Yes, I'm currently living here in florida.

I think that sounds about right. The wait between CGFNS to FBON usually takes longer, 1-3 months I believe. But once you get an approval from FBON its going to be faster.

Awww I really hope I would be eligible as well. Planning to move there if I pass the exam. :) Just passed LVN exam here in California but of course I still want to be an RN and we are considering Jacksonville in Florida. Thank you for answering my questions.



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No problem, Glad i could help! :)

I wish you the best of luck in your NCLEX!