Took NCLEX PN [PASSED 1st Try] Here Is How You Can Do It Too

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    How to use the NCSBN Learning Extension Courses for the NCLEX-PN or NCLEX-RN Examination to Focus & Succeed on the NCLEX!

    Took NCLEX PN [PASSED 1st Try] Here Is How You Can Do It Too

    This article is for every single nursing candidate getting ready for the NCLEX, whether PN or RN. It does not matter if this will be your first time taking the examination, or you had a little trouble with it in a past attempt and you are going to retake it. FEAR can be replaced with GREAT CORE KNOWLEDGE and a STRONG ABILITY TO APPLY THE NURSING PROCESS AND CRITICAL THINKING successfully so you pass the NCLEX. So give me a few minutes of your time please, and read on. I want to help all aspiring nursing candidates in every country.

    With gratitude and a humble heart, first I extend a sincere thank you to every nurse and NCSBN crew member who created the excellent total focus learning system available at the NCSBN Learning Extension. They provide this easy to understand system for fairly reasonable subscription prices. You can buy as short as a 3-week subscription, or as long as a 15-week subscription.

    I am a teacher, transitioning into my nursing career. I know top quality educational tools when I see them, and the work of the NCSBN teamwork stands out as the best of the best.

    I do not work for the NCSBN. I will receive no compensation for your decision, if you choose to make it, to follow the path I describe here. This article is written to help you pass the NCLEX, plain and simple.

    For those who think it through, there are serious positives to doing your NCLEX PN or RN studies directly at the source, from the organization which prepares the actual NCLEX examinations. This was my path, and I hope this article helps you on your path to becoming a nurse, be it LVN/LPN or RN.

    I took nothing for granted. Do not think the NCLEX will be easy. It takes an incredible amount of focus, and both smart work and hard work, to pass. By applying myself to the NCSBN Learning Extension NCLEX preparation system, and with the benefit of all that crucial knowledge, I passed first try!

    My approach to preparing for the NCLEX PN examination was to count back 15 weeks from the date I planned to take the exam, purchase the 15-week NCSBN Learning Extension Course subscription, and stick to the guidance it provided for how much material I needed to cover every day to be ready on my examination date. The links to both the PN and RN versions of the NCSBN Learning Extension program are included at the bottom of this article for you.

    I did this while in my final semester of nursing school, starting from the beginning of the semester in tandem with class homework and clinical rotations, and still kept ahead of my class assignment schedule while simultaneously following the NCSBN prescribed path. That's the benefit of counting back 15 weeks from your target date for taking the NCLEX, you have less to do per week and per day because you are pacing yourself like a marathon runner.

    Take the time to look at the extensive range of highly qualified nurses who dedicate themselves to creating the top quality content of the NCSBN Learning Extension courses. The NCSBN has an innovative crew creating the different styles of learning tools as well. No matter what your learning style is, the NCLEX PN course has a knowledge tool to fit your needs. Only a nurse would say this, but I actually found the entire course kind of fun to complete.

    Everyone seems to be trying to recreate the wheel, by utilizing multiple study guides in the blind hope that somehow they will look at enough data to hopefully get the right information to sink in. Save your time, focus your mind, and study according to the NCSBN plan.

    By the time my examination date came, I had completed all of the Learning Extension course material and had worked through the 1,300 prep questions twice. The NCSBN Learning Extension resources are available as mobile apps, so you can study on an iPad or iPhone, or any other mobile device you use. That made it very handy to run questions and study wherever I went.

    You have to dedicate yourself to this task. No excuses.

    When I sat for the examination, I utilized all of the NCSBN recommended relaxation and body motion techniques at the beginning, and again every 10 questions. I did that silently, so as not to disturb other test takers in the room. The holistic elements the NCSBN included in the subscription kept me alert and focused for the entire examination.

    I shared the NCSBN Learning Extension link with all my classmates starting the month before I began the 15-week subscription. I reposted that link on our class social media site 3 more times during our final semester and just did it again even after we graduated from nursing school. A number of my classmates took that advice, and are preparing for the NCLEX PN using these fantastic tools.

    My examination experience was totally positive. Every question made sense to me because the NCSBN course is precise in addressing the 8 primary areas of nursing knowledge needed to succeed.

    Equally important, the Remember Its, the Points to Remember, the Study Smarts, and the point-by-point explanation of how to apply the nursing process and critical thinking to the NCLEX question scenarios (contained in the short, crystal clear rationale for each question) ALL had a practical purpose. They combined into an atomic lens to focus my thinking on which answer responded best to the precise question asked.

    The NCLEX is not a test for lazy minds. The risk of not passing, and the accompanying expense both emotionally and in monetary cost that not passing would involve, should be enough to impel everyone to study SMART and HARD the first time and apply equally well the nursing candidate who is preparing for an NCLEX retake.

    There is no other avenue I would recommend for NCLEX preparation than the splendid body of knowledge you get with a subscription to the NCSBN Learning Extension course. As a teacher, I am not prone to hyperbole. I would not be this enthusiastic about this NCLEX preparation path if I did not believe it will help you too. I will most certainly be returning to this resource for the NCLEX RN when I reach that education and career goal.

    This course goes far beyond the NCLEX PN examination itself. I work in the ER at a local San Diego hospital, and I know that my ability to exercise the nursing process in practical terms with our patients, and to perform critical thinking on the fly in emergent situations, has been greatly enhanced by how I learned to think as a nurse by embracing the NCSBN nursing paradigm.

    I highly recommend doing 15 weeks of preparation via this resource. That way, on test day, you will know you are ready. There are no shortcuts.

    One last bit of encouragement I extend directly to every fellow aspiring nurse, nursing student, and examination candidate, fear will evaporate if you master each of the 8 core NCLEX areas. Be a nursing examination warrior. Don't go into battle unprepared.

    I know what you're going through. I just completed the PN education and examination part of my nursing journey successfully. I had fears at the beginning of the 15 week NCSBN NCLEX PN course, but the more I used the diverse learning tools you get with the course, the less scared I was.

    The NCSBN is not trying to trick you on the examination. The goal of the NCSBN is not to fail as many nursing candidates as possible. The world needs more nurses! The NCSBN organization just wants to be sure you can prove you have the core knowledge and analytical skills to competently provide safe, professional care for your patients.

    By following the NCSBN Learning Extension path, I honed my core knowledge and analytical skills and PASSED the NCLEX PN. I know YOU CAN TOO.

    Enough coaching. If my guidance has resonated with you, here are the links you need to get started.

    Here is the link to the NCSBN Learning Extension NCLEX PN course...

    Here is the link to the NCSBN Learning Extension NCLEX RN course...
    NCSBN's Review for the NCLEX-RN(R) Examination - Students - NCSBN Learning Extension

    Very best wishes to all my nursing sisters and brothers around the world. Now get to work and go succeed on the NCLEX.

    Love, Peace, Healing and Joy,

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