Nursing School and NCLEX

  1. In 3 short months I will graduate from my CC and be ready to take the PN boards. I am going through my NCLEX review book and I really don't feel like I am ready. For those of you who have graduated, did you feel that way? Do we really learn that much in 3 more months? Our CC has a good pass rate 96 - 98% the last 5 years and I am a straight A student. Am I just worrying too much?

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  3. by   PJMommy
    I doubt anyone feels ready. Our school also had a 98-99% pass rate. When mine and my classmates' test shut off at 75, we all believed we'd failed. I talked on the phone to one classmate for 30 minutes after his exam because he just *knew* he'd failed. We all passed. Honestly, I believe you either learn it during school, or you don't... I could have studied NCLEX books for another year and not been more prepared nor felt more ready.

    With your grades and your school's success rate, you shouldn't worry too much. But that's like telling the earth to quit spinning...worrying is just part of the NCLEX process. You'll do fine.
  4. by   elkpark
    and I mean EVERYONE worried that they were not going to pass boards ... (And yet, look how many of us did! :chuckle ) If you are doing well academically in a program with a strong pass rate, you should be fine. Try not to stress too much -- best wishes!
  5. by   debblynn13
    Thank you for your messages. I guess I will just relax, see what I learn the next 3 months and worry about the test when I get there.

  6. by   KimRN03
    My advice to you is just worry about graduating and getting the most you can out of the next 3 months of school. You will have PLENTY of time to sit and worry about NCLEX after you graduate, God knows I did. I have no idea how difficult the NCLEX-PN test is, as I took the RN, but I would assume it is of the same difficulty level. You will NEVER feel 100% ready to take NCLEX. Take a review course and make sure you do at least 3,000 questions before you take NCLEX. Relax in the meantime and enjoy finishing nursing school, that is a HUGE accomplishment!