NCLEX Statistic-Tip (worth reading)

  1. Hi to all NCLEX test takers and future test takers. Prepare for the test with your mind by studying and practicing questions but also with your heart and soul. In my review session a statistic that they told us was "98% of the people that go into the test thinking they will pass, do!" Just something worth thinking about! Worked for me! I have been an ICU nurse now for 6 months! Anyone interested in a 4-5 month long ICU fellowship for new grads next yr give me an email. It is in PA, located about 4hrs from NYC, 30min from Elmira, NY, 45 min from Corning, NY, 40 min from Binghamton, NY. Great cost of living, small community, level two trauma hospital, and lots of outdoors stuff.
    Kimberly Rush, RN
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  3. by   anneliese,RN
    that was the passing rate in l994. This is the passing rate as of 1998

    good luck everyone