Just took NCLEX-RN June 2018 and my experience

  1. My experience after graduation and taking the NCLEX-RN. Hands down, one of the most nerve-wrecking moments of my life.

    Just took NCLEX-RN June 2018 and my experience

    Just took NCLEX-RN June 2018. I prepared 1 month in advanced. I graduated April 2018. I went on vacation to celebrate. Cancun!

    I did visit the test location the day before to see where the place was and if parking was easy. I purchased Uworld for 30 days at $99 May 22 to June 22. It was 2000+ questions, no test A or test B, Only questions. The Uworld package I bought was just questions 2000+. 2000+ means you get 2000 up front and each day after date of purchase you get like 5-10 questions added per day until the expiration date.

    I did 75 questions per day for 30 days. I didn't check my average per exam, I just did the questions in tutor mode and it gave me the correct answers and rationales. The day before my exam I said I wasn't going to do any questions but I was so nervous I did a couple hours worth. I even bought energy shots to get my brain juices flowing the morning before the exam.

    I slept 3 hours. Went to the test site 30 minutes before. 4 hours later, I did all 265 questions. Mostly SATA, prioritization, and place in order. I did not have any lab values or math problems. I have spoken to other classmates that have had 1 or 2 math questions, the computer shut off at 75, 77, 78, 79, 200, etc.... It really goes to show you will never know what to expect.

    I recommend study as much as you feel you need. Take breaks, walk around, workout, eat, and don't forget to take care of yourself.

    One most important plan I came in with was to NEVER CHANGE MY ANSWER. I read the question twice, read the answers and whatever answer came to mind I said bam! that's it. I did not think long and hard. I either knew it or I didn't.

    I got an email an hour after the exam. It tells you what to do after the exam. I went to the website. I was not able to purchase my results it said not available. I kept checking every hour and nothing. I tried the "good or bad pop up message" I used my credit card. I didn't use any fake information I said if this was going to be pass or fail, I would have to pay to get a new date if I failed. I got the positive message. It made me feel a little bit better. I waited two days, I finally got a purchase message. I paid 7.95 to see my quick results. I PASSED. I was in disbelief. I felt even better.

    I just got my official results today. It took 8 days due to the fourth of July I believe it pushed things back. I made a check to the state and ran my butt down to the post office. Spent $24 dollars to send my check of $50 dollars and signature slip OVERNIGHT. It will get there tomorrow by noon.

    I have read other people have had to check this website NURSYS.COM to see if your license number is posted. I have also read your license number tends to post before your check does.

    I have tried applying to a number of jobs but have not had any luck. I have read that no one will look at you if you don't have a licenses number. Go figure. LOL. I do know the official results of passing can be used for 90 days of employment if anyone does hire you. So you can bring that letter with you or make copies. I personally am going to wait to get my license number and reapply to the jobs I have been keeping an eye on. I have been using Indeed.com, Monster.com, Glassdoor.com, careerbuilder.com, ziprecruiter.com and using actual hospital websites.

    I will update this post once I have done the whole process and found a job or sooner.

    Good luck everyone!
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  3. by   Ella26
    Very good advice. Congrats! Good luck on the job hunt!
  4. by   lj18
    ***UPDATE*** I did get a phone interview from one hospital. I am hoping it lands me a job. Just got my licenses through email this morning from IDFPR....23 days later. I have updated my resume and reapplied to all the jobs I previously applied to if they were still available.
  5. by   lj18
    I did land my first job in ICU/PCU (Intensive care/Progressive care UNIT). I had an interview with a nursing home, I thought it went well and it ended up not working out. I ended up getting an email from one hospital I applied to awhile back. I was so happy because I had done my last 2 clinicals there back to back. I loved the experience and the staff. So needless to say I am fortunate to have not been hired by the previous potential employer. I thank them a million! I am a huge believer in "things happen for a reason" and this was mine! I had received an email from a recruiter to do a few questions over the phone. Why nursing? Why ICU? Where do you see yourself in the next 3-4 years? After that she said lets set you up for a interview with the hiring manager of the floor. I brought a couple resumes thinking I was going to have a panel to have self myself to. It was just the hiring manager. She was so nice and understanding of a new graduate trying to get hired in ICU. We clicked very well and talked for quite a bit. I had a ton of questions to ask about the floor, training, advancements, culture, environment, staff, patients, etc....She ended up having a few seasoned nurses (3) of them interview me, give me the real deal answers. They were super nice and hilarious. We also clicked very well. Questions of Why ICU, why this hospital, What are your plans in the next 5 years, etc... After that I went back with the hiring manager to tour the floor. We ended up finishing and parting ways. She said it would take 2-3 days to find out if they will hire me. I was bummed out because I always hoped for that hire-on-the-spot scenario. LOL. So I figured, great another wait. I hate waiting, the suspense! The next day, I wake up to an email. The recruiter said I have GREAT news from the hiring manager, call me right away. I called so fast! She said I have great news, they want to hire you. She even commented I knew there was something special about you. I felt like a million bucks! I was so shocked I probably didn't sound too enthusiastic I even said omg! I can't believe it! So after that we went over the offer, pay, hours, benefits, etc... I went the following week to get my badge picture taken, package for benefits, fingerprinting, paperwork etc... I start on orientation Sept 17th and 18th. The same day I found out I got the job, my fiance and I found out we also got an apartment approved. I was so excited to be have my first job in an area I have always said I wanted to work in and we're moving to a new place! Whew! The place is huge, with a gym and pool. So exciting!